SteSoft Constructor

This is a program which is modeled after the constructor program found at  While hardly done, it is almost functionally equivalent to the JAVA version on that webpage.  The interface is entirely different however, and I'm not able to create creatures that 'walk' yet.

Nearly all the creative credit should go to whoever at created that program, however all of the code is original.

Currently the program is written in OpenGL using GLUT.  I'm thinking of switching to windowed DirectX in order to make the interface nicer.  If anyone would like to take a shot at making the program work better please email me and I'll send you the code.

Keep in mind when using the program that the RIGHT mouse button always selects (if clicked once) or drags (if clicked and held).  The LEFT mouse button should always be used for creating/deleting new points.  You can do anything when the simulation is running or stopped, but I would recommend only adding/deleting points when the simulation is stopped.

One big difference between this and the one on the soda page is if you move a point when the simulation is stopped, that points new position becomes the actual position of the point (i.e. the connections going to the springs are re-mapped to be that length).

Send me any comments or suggestions.

** UPDATE 4/11/00 **
I've modified a few of the physics parameters and added the ability to save (S) and load (L).  Also I've included glut32.dll so that it will actually run :)     When it first loads, hit L to cycle through the 2 included models.  Note that the walker doesn't walk well yet, and I don't have any auto-reverse function yet.. (remember how I said you can email and work on the code yourself? :)

Download it HERE