Realtime Cloth!

This program attempts to model the physical aspects of cloth in realtime.  It uses OpenGL and includes Glut32.DLL and an .EXE for use with Windows 95/98/NT/2000..   Well, probably for windows 2000 but who knows.

For a rundown behind the principles of this program, you can read my write-up on it:

Realtime Cloth Simulation Paper

As for the keys, Well, +/- will increase/decrease the number of grids (points) in the cloth object. O/o will increase the size of each grid (size of the object).. You will want to use +/- to reset the model after doing anything with 'o'.  Z changes the calculation formula used when modelling the cloth.  Check out the paper above for more information on that though.  The mouse will change the orientation of the cloth in the window.     If you'd like to move the upper part of the cloth around (to cause something to happen) the keys W,X,A,D will move it back, forward, left, and right respectively.  If you're interested in anything else about the program, or what that 'graph' window does, email me.   Here it is:

Download it HERE